Aerial Drone Video: Indy is The Place To Be!

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By Ben Stone, COO

Aerial drone video and photography make such a fantastic marketing tool. Can you think of a more dramatic, attention-grabbing way to present a location or an area than a bird’s eye flyover?

Watch the video below. It delivers a flyover of Indianapolis’ many attractions in less than two minutes. What other media can provide that kind of coverage in two minutes?

Drone’s make it possible to get unique shots from those amazing angles. They aren’t limited to flying around over buildings and parks. Notice the many different perspectives this video presents. One moment we have a street-level view near the canal and the next we’re hovering far above high-rise cranes

TopShot editors wove together scenes from many locations around the metro area. We see a city full of hustle that is growing rapidly with new opportunities.
This film was a labor of love that required several months of planning and filming. And it says a lot: Here’s why Indy is the place to be in 2018.

Watch the video and see how versatile and powerful aerial drone video is. You will see views that no other medium can provide.

Are you interested in exploring eye-catching video and photography and the potential for your project? Call TopShot. The sky’s the limit!

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