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If you are even remotely involved in the drone or production world, you have likely heard the acronym FPV at some point. FPV stands for first person view and FPV drones can be used for a variety of different purposes. Over the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in demand for FPV Services and anticipate this service getting more and more popular.

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Our team loves to use them to supplement our aerial cinematography options. FPV drones allow the pilot to have full control of the drone making it possible to be extremely precise with the intended movement. This is accomplished by utilizing a set of goggles that makes the pilot feel extremely immersed as if sitting in the cockpit of the drone itself. Normal (off the shelf) camera drones fly very robotically, but depending on the style of the Pilot, FPV drones can essentially mimic the flight characteristics of a small bird.

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An off the shelf camera drone’s left control stick up and down motion transfers directly into altitude adjustments. FPV drones use the same stick motion to control throttle or the speed at which the propellers spin. The same thing happens with the right control stick’s function which in the case of off the shelf drones allows them to go forward and back. In the case of FPV drones this stick movement is translated directly into pitching the drone up or down causing this forward or backwards movement in combination with the throttle being used. These stick movements utilized in a coordinated way, including the roll and pitch controls, allow the FPV drone to be manipulated unlike any other aircraft in the sky.

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There are many uses for FPV drones in today’s production environment and the number of applications these tools possess seem to grow every year. A major driver to the technological advances in this section of the drone industry is FPV drone racing. The racing community always strives to get the advantage on their opponents and this has been a huge driving factor for the constant upgrades to things such as weight, latency, range, and safety.

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Once these FPV drones started to achieve a higher power to weight ratio, people started putting GoPros on them and BOOM; Cinematic FPV was born. Cinematic FPV has transformed the notion that was once considered a hobby to be accepted as a true profession. The unique shots that can be captured with a tool as versatile as an FPV drone are breathtaking. From getting up close and personal in action sports getting angles never before seen, to ‘one take fly-throughs’ that take the viewer on an immersive journey. These so-called ‘one take fly-throughs’ allow the viewer to get an uncut perspective that can start them from a birds eye view of the surrounding area then blast them through the front doors into a click free virtual tour.

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Another way FPV drones can be used is for inspection purposes. The precision controls allow them to fly in the tightest of spaces and do things such as pipeline inspection or even room clearing for law enforcement. The applications are really impressive and only continue to grow each year as new demands are introduced. We are excited to be at the forefront of this technology and working with many clients in the area that will look to us for feedback and advice.

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Topshot is the number one provider in the Midwest for any and all of your FPV needs. Not only do we have over 10 years combined experience flying FPV drones, but we build all our drones in-house requiring many hours spent tuning and making sure the fleet is in safe operating conditions at all times. Remember: every Project Deserves a TopShot – call us today to get yours!

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