3D Mapping/Thermal Services by TopShot

Your trusted aerial drone videography and photography experts since 2013

TopShot is at the forefront of 2D and 3D mapping technology and can provide an effective supplemental visual aid for Contractors and similar trades. Engineering and architecture industries quickly adopted these software-based modeling capabilities as a de facto standard for presentations and reporting. Call us today to discuss how we might apply 2D and 3D modeling capabilities to your project.

In addition to our regular drones, we also have access to FLIR cameras that can be used on aerial platforms. By using FLIR cameras, we have the ability to securely fasten the thermal camera to the drone and gain even more perspective and cover larger areas. This service is used heavily on the roofing and construction side to identify anomalies in the roof system that may cause issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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