Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones


By Andrew Wahl, CEO

What is Thermography?

Thermal infrared (IR) imaging is a valuable tool for inspecting and performing non-destructive testing of structural elements. IR imaging makes it possible to detect where and how energy is leaking from a building’s envelope. Aerial drones are the perfect tool for collecting heating and cooling data from hard to reach places.

Why TopShot is the Superior Provider

TopShot partners with TSI Energy Solutions – they provide energy audits and commercial inspections via IR. We recently completed a project to provide information to help Eastwood Middle School determine whether they needed a new roof. TSI Energy Solutions is one of the very few companies in the State with Level 3 Thermographers on staff. Our data is verified and backed by these certified professionals. Our partnership with TSI Energy Solutions sets TopShot apart from other drone companies offering aerial thermal scans.

How Our Process Works

Typically a contractor hires us to do the imaging. We use one of our drones to gather data, and TSI Energy Solutions verifies it. Thermographers used to have to walk an entire roof to gather data and this could take hours. TopShot can capture the images for data collection in about an hour. This is important because there is a tight window of opportunity for collecting the necessary data. The moist air in the ceiling is still warmer than the exterior air just after sundown. These conditions are optimal for detecting thermal leaks. And because Top Shot’s aerial drone approach to gathering data is so fast, it will also reduce the cost.

Are you considering a study to identify structural problems that are increasing your heating and cooling costs? Give TopShot a call, and we’ll show you how to do it right!

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