Aerial Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry


By Andrew Wahl, CEO

Alderson Commercial Group recently asked TopShot to help them update their portfolio. We covered eight different locations and projects around Indianapolis that Alderson wanted to show off. This got us talking about the interesting ways aerial drones are changing the construction industry. Aerial drone photography is rapidly taking the place of older forms of aerial photography (such as airplanes or those HyperLites). This only makes sense because it allows for more flexibility and the cost point is extremely competitive. The construction industry has been a key adopter of drone technology in 2018.

Monitoring Project Progress:

Drones really shine as a tool for monitoring job site progress. A quick fly-around with a video camera can reveal whether things are on track and deadlines are being hit. This kind of information allows management to quickly respond to evolving needs. The imagery can be sent real-time to clients, investors and lead persons on the job. Architects and engineers can gain immediate access to the job site even when far away.

Catching Deviations from Plans:

Computer technology can compare what’s in the plans to what’s happening in real life. Builders are using software that can compare images taken with the drones with the exact floor-plans. Problems such as misaligned walls, missing windows, and features can be identified sooner.

Removing Safety Risks:

Aerial drone surveillance can identify workers who are not using best practices. Poor behavior and practices can be quickly addressed. Workers will be more apt to use best practices if they are aware of periodic monitoring. Aerial drones can also safely access areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Less risk could even lead to lower insurance costs.

Reviewing Job Site Logistics:

Aerial drone imagery is being used to review building sites before work even begins. Traffic patterns, access to the site, and where to store building materials are just some of the areas where drones assist in logistics.

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