The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is becoming an important resource in the construction industry. UAVs provide builders and customers an unprecedented view as their project progresses.

We’ve all seen UAVs flown by hobbyists in neighborhood parks. A UAV, when flown by a skillful, licensed pilot, provides professional images and video that until now were far too costly to consider.

TopShot enjoys working with Capitol Construction – We recently created a portfolio of UAV aerial and ground images for their Ed Martin project.   Take a look at the images in the carousel below. These images were used for a project promotion package during their grand opening.  TopShot has made a name for themselves in aerial imagery and for this project, we also provided the ground-level images.

The use of UAVs is growing faster in construction than any other industry. Drones flying above almost every major construction site will be common-place.[ref]1.[/ref] Some uses of UAV technology includes project status, worker safety, and site security.

UAVs used on construction sites are a game-changer when it comes to communication and transparency. The images provided show rather than tell what is going on with a project.  Managers are better informed to choose a response to an issue and that means things that require urgent action are promptly addressed.

TopShot loves kicking around ideas with prospective clients.  Please give us a call if you have a project and are wondering about whether your project can benefit from the use of UAV imaging.

1 Why drones are a no-brainer for top contractor McCarthy
Construction Dive
Author: Joe Beeton
May 23, 2018