From the Dirt Guys to the Painters

Drone aerial video and photography and commercial real estate are a match made in heaven. There is a myriad of uses from project management to safety implementation. Let’s face it; aerial video and photography look really cool. Cool imagery attracts interest. People love that sense of flying up and above it all.
Arco Design/Build recently hired us to capture time-lapse imagery for another project. This project involves the development of a 143,000 sq ft building in Plainfield, IN. TopShot provides routine update/progress pictures and a final video showing all construction phases in a time-lapse video. Arco’s project managers and superintendents use the imagery to track progress to plan and keep parties up to date. The aerial drone imagery can be easily shared with sub-contractors. Let’s look at some ways aerial drone imagery brings value to the commercial real estate industry. All aspects of commercial development benefit, from the dirt guys to the painters.


Remember when construction crews were using three people to complete surveying? GPS technology reduced that to two people. Now one person can capture all necessary data needed for documentation. The time needed for this is reduced with a lower potential for safety issues.

Project Management:

Aerial drones can help collect information needed for project estimates. They are being used to collect metrics needed for demolition of existing structures. They can help identify rivers, obstructions and other factors that could affect estimates. Is there a better way to get a complete view of project progress than a bird’s eye view? A weekly status report may take hours to write. Aerial video and photography deliver the contents of that report in minutes.


Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a number used by insurance companies. Underwriters use EMR to gauge both past cost of injuries and future risk. It’s simple; the lower your EMR the lower your worker’s compensation premium will be. Construction companies use drones to conduct safety inspections. Management can promptly identify unsafe situations. That means prompt action to reduce the risk of injuries. Remember the earlier point about EMR and insurance premiums?


Images and information captured by drones will enhance communication and reporting. Route planning takes minutes with no need for a crew to drive around the site area. This will result in a reduced cost of manpower and fuel.

Intrigued About Drone Aerial Video?

Do you have a large project where time-lapse imagery can be helpful? Please give us a call! We love discussing customer ideas and opportunities to for TopShot to deliver value.