Want to See What 1,000,000 sf of Steel Looks Like? 

The TimeLapse below was captured near the Louisville airport in Kentucky for Steel Services Inc.  The intent was to monitor the site weekly and provide updates of the steel as it progressed through multiple phases. Due to the proximity of the site to the airport, our team needed to obtain a waiver from the FAA. Also we have partnered with another great editing resource and brought this video editing in house. We are really excited for the direction TopShot Aerial Photography is headed.

If you are interested in TopShot helping you monitor your commercial construction project;

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Construction and building companies are jumping at the opportunity have their site photographed on a weekly or monthly basis. In the highly competitive Indianapolis environment having a time-lapsed photo will be crucial to marketing strategy and will offer tremendous value to the builder while reducing the work-site liability.

For these types of projects, TopShot works directly with the project managers to understand where we can create the most value for your company. We typically charge per flight and offer multi-flight discounts for on-going projects. Request a quote for your project today.