Aerial drone video technology is HUGE in real estate and development marketing. Why is that?  Well, it’s easy to see the benefits this technology brings to marketing. Campaigns using this media and technology provide their target audience with dramatic views. People love seeing an aerial video; it gives the viewer a sense of the freedom of flying. This is an exciting media experience that was previously cost prohibitive.

The Aerial drone industry is booming thanks to its use in real estate and development. Drone sales soared to 10 million units last year.  Sales are expected to exceed 30 million by 2021.

The projected growth for the use of drone technology in real estate are eye-opening:

Drones have transformed real estate marketing when it comes to listing a property. There is no question that drone technology has made drone aerial imagery commonplace.

TopShot recently began working with a large real estate development company.  Our client asked us to help them showcase their 12.34-acre site in Whitestown, Indiana.

Think about the marketing possibilities for your business and call us.  We would love an opportunity to speak with you about your ideas.