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PTS Diagnostics – Whitestown, IN

PTS Diagnostics – Whitestown, IN TopShot Aerial Photography By Ben Stone, COO PTS Diagnostics reached out to TopShot last spring before they broke ground on their new facility in Whitestown, IN. The following drone video is a compilation of multiple shoots throughout the construction process. The video serves as an in-process

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The 2018 Monumental Awards

The 2018 Monumental Awards TopShot Aerial Photography By Ben Stone, COO The Indy Chamber’s Monumental Awards celebrates the business environment in the Indy region. The Monumental Awards is one of the ways in which the Indy Chamber showcases the economic development growth of Metro Indy.The awards also attract talented individuals to

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TopShot Aerial Photography

Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones

Creating Thermal Scans Using Aerial Drones By Andrew Wahl, CEO What is Thermography? Thermal infrared (IR) imaging is a valuable tool for inspecting and performing non-destructive testing of structural elements. IR imaging makes it possible to detect where and how energy is leaking from a building’s envelope. Aerial drones are

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GDI Construction – Marketing Video

GDI Construction Aerial Marketing Video By Ben Stone, COO GDI Construction was looking for a fun, exciting new way to show the diverse building activity happening out at one of their projects near Indianapolis. Topshot thought this short construction marketing video would be a great way to show all the

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Marketing Real Estate with Aerial Drone Video and Photography

Marketing Real Estate With Aerial Drone Video and Photography By Ben Stone, COO TopShot recently completed a marketing project with Monteith-Legault Realty. Our shoot provided aerial views of a custom home lot and its surrounding landscape. Aerial drone video and photography is changing the marketing of real estate. Let’s take

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Aerial Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry

Aerial Drones Are Changing the Construction Industry By Andrew Wahl, CEO Alderson Commercial Group recently asked TopShot to help them update their portfolio. We covered eight different locations and projects around Indianapolis that Alderson wanted to show off. This got us talking about the interesting ways aerial drones are changing

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Flying Out

Flying Out By Ben Stone, COO You may have noticed that drones are becoming something of a common sight when homes go on the market. It’s safe to say there is somewhat of a marketing revolution underway in the real estate industry. Professionals are turning to drone photography and video

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Aerial Drone Photography is Above It All

Aerial Drone Photography is Above It All By Ben Stone, COO Aerial drone photography is now a marketing tool of choice for a variety of industries. Drone technology is still new and evolving rapidly. The sky is truly the limit for this technology as a marketing tool for various industries.

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The Hagerman Group – Goshen, IN

The Hagerman Group – Goshen, IN By Ben Stone, COO Hagerman was looking for a unique way to present a site logistics plan to their client. We used our drones to capture the footage and our editing team to put together this visual aid for their team to use. TopShot

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